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6% H20c - Twist Top Splatter Stream Key Chain (15g)

6% H20c - Twist Top Splatter Stream Key Chain (15g)

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Walk with confidence knowing you are protected by the Mean Green H2OC Key Chain Pepper Spray by Fox Labs. Specially formulated for maximum stopping power, the personal pocket defense device is guaranteed to stop would be aggressors in their tracks. A quick-fire, trigger button sprays a 12-15 foot stream rated at 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Their signature formula temporarily stuns, blinds and disorients attackers and has been purified to cause immediate inflammation of the eyes, throat, nose and lungs for total assailant immobilization. Because stopping an attacker is not enough, Fox Labs has added a green dye to their spray to allow for easy and undeniable attacker identification.


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