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Keyrack Locker

Keyrack Locker

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Made of high quality stainless steel, the KeyRack Locker features a sturdy, secure carabiner gate closure that allows you to clip your keys onto and off of belt loops, zipper pulls, purse straps, second key rings, or anything with a loop or D-ring. But the bottom half is where its at: the solid loop holds six S-biner microLocks, stainless steel carabiners that feature a center locking lever made of durable plastic. A simple twist effectively and securely locks the gate, and keeps it that way until you twist it open again. Versatile, convenient, and ultra-secure, the KeyRack Locker is great for removing a single key from a ring to take on a run or ride, give to your mechanic or valet, or leave for a friend.


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