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Lictor Ar (magazine Carrier)

Lictor Ar (magazine Carrier)

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The Lictor M4 is the most versatile, smallest-footprint AR-15/M-4 magazine carrier on the market today. The Lictor M4 is ambidextrous, and works with rounds-forward and rounds-rearward magazine orientation. It has a slight ''funnel top'' to aid in guiding the magazine into the carrier. The Lictor M4 magazine carriers work with all common-issue AR-15/M-4 magazines (GI, PMag, Tango Down ARC, Lancer, etc). The design securely holds fully loaded magazines without the need for any retention screws, which are notorious for backing off gradually and falling out. The belt clip on the Lictor M4 allows the shooter to quickly don and doff the magazine carrier one-handed. The belt clip can be removed from the pouch, exposing mounting holes which are compatible with a variety of after-market belt attachments and MOLLE/PALS mounting adaptors. This provides end-users with an easy way adapt the carrier to a variety of applications on their body, a rifle stock, inside a bag, a vehicle, etc. This magazine carrier is equally suited for low-vis/CCW roles (like under a sport coat or untucked shirt) and overt roles, like being mounted on a war belt or plate carrier.


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