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Perun (strongside Owb Holster)

Perun (strongside Owb Holster)

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The Perun is the flagship outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster. It is the result of blending the best features of two of the most popular holsters, the Eidolon and the Phantom, to create a highly refined, exceptionally concealable holster.

The Perun is designed to be the best modular OWB ''pancake'' style holster on the market. It has a body-hugging design that rides high for maximum concealment. The body of the holster is only slightly larger than the pistol contained in it. This small size aids in concealment while also making the holster more comfortable while seated in a vehicle.

The body-hugging curvature of this holster is accomplished using modular belt loops. Each holster includes three pair of 1.5'' belt loops (LH 10 degree cant, RH 10 degree cant, and ambi 0 degree cant), which allow the end-user to configure the ambidextrous holster body for left-handed or right-handed use, with either a 0-degree or 10-degree cant.

Retention in the Perun is crisp, defined, and consistent, thanks to innovative design features inside the holster body. The unique retention slider makes adjusting retention as simple as turning up the volume on your stereo. And unlike other holsters that use the traditional ''screw through a rubber grommet'' style of retention, the Perun's retention will not back off after repeated drawing and re-holstering.


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